recent projects...

Black Tree Vultures - Veins

Crispy Jacket Studios have worked together closely with this rock band since shortly after their inception in 2017. We have produced their music videos, photography, and accompanying promo material. Having also toured with the band in Europe twice we are working on a long-term documentary project together...

Black Tree Vultures - Veins Music Video
Black Tree Vultures - Veins <Official Music Video>

The Tower Mint Ltd. London

Crispy Jacket Studios was commissioned to produce high-quality close-up macro images for their amazing new coin collection for 2021 - This exclusive coin designed by Tower Mint Ltd. set is resold through various mints to collectors all over the world.

Hightown parade - bottoms up (it's Christmas time)

An immensly fun yet challenging music video to produce! Between Covid-19 lockdowns (Dec2020) we made sure that a min 2m safe distance was adhered to using special extensions and a few special effects ;-)

Bottoms Up Music Video by Hightown Parade (Official Music Video)
Hightown Parade - Bottoms Up (It's Christmas Time) - <Official Music Video>

Behind the scenes...

Tim Somerfield - Karma Sea

Karma Sea by Tim Somerfield
Tim Somerfield - Karma Sea Official Music 'Lyric' Video>
Daylight Energy Ltd > Testimonial 'Owen'
Daylight Energy Ltd. Testimonial Video 'Owen'
SinDerella Showreel
SinDerella - The 80's Hair Metal Experience
Official Music Video released 21-02-20
Pull Apart - Black Tree Vultures
Official Music Video released 21-02-20
Teddy Rocks Festival Promo




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