Black Tree Vultures

(Music Video)

Poppy Neame


Spike Fitness

(Corporate Marketing)

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Crispy Jacket Studios have worked together closely with this rock band since shortly after their inception in 2017. We have produced their music videos, photography, and accompanying promo material. Having also toured with the band in Europe twice we are working on a long-term documentary project together...

Poppy Neame is a classically trained  Soprano. As as she continues in to expand her career into musical theatre, caber and jazz, she felt the time was right to invest into a video showreel. She was a pleasure to work with and we wish her and her amazing vocal talents the best of luck..!

spike fitness logo

Spike Fitness approached Crispy Jacket Studios to use visual media to increase business in their new Gym - Using both creative licence and marketing experience, we used a combination of live footage shot in their gym and modern catchy text and transitions - We're so glad you love the results - now on to the next one..!

(Macro / Still-life Photography)


Crispy Jacket Studios was commissioned to produce high-quality close-up macro images for their amazing new coin collection for 2021 - This exclusive coin designed by Tower Mint Ltd. set is resold through various mints to collectors all over the world. As there was not a produced five pound 2021 coin in existence at the time of the photoshoot, one had to be 'created' digitally from 2 other obverse (head of coin) samples - can you tell the difference?

Tower Mint Peregrine Falcon Ten Pound Coin Obverse
Tower Mint Peregrine Falcon Ten Pound Coin Reverse

Hightown parade / Chris Payn
Bottoms Up (It's Christmas Time)

An immensely fun yet challenging music video to produce on a small budget! Between Covid-19 lockdowns (Dec2020) we made sure that a min 2m safe distance was adhered to using special extensions and a few special effects ;-)

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20201130-Bottoms Up  Freeze Frame 6_.jpg
20201130-Bottoms Up  Freeze Frame 5.jpg

Behind the scenes...


Tim Somerfield - Karma Sea

SinDerella Band Changing Room Chillin
SinDerella Band Purple Picture
SinDerella Band Thru Stairs Picture
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